A multi-year program which encourages and recognizes the habits and behaviors which lead to mastery. We are not rewarding mastery itself but rather the behaviors which we think will lead to it. Thus, the program is completely non-competitive and the checklist of goals (below) is process-based rather than achievement-based. Any long-term student who studies with seriousness and consistency can be a Studio Star!

How do we enter? Who Can Participate?

At any time between January and the end of the School Year, just ask your teacher or Mr. Horowitz! We will complete a simple one-page verification form for you. We consider all students to be automatically eligible. However, most youth students under age eight, Bright Starts classes, and/or with less than two years’ experience will find it difficult to meet all the goals. The program is something to look forward to in future years as you advance! Your teacher can help you decide whether the goals are reasonable for you.


The responsibility for tracking and meeting the goals rests with the student, not with the teacher or Studio. In most cases, you will not receive a reminder if you fall behind schedule on one or more goals. Voluntarily choosing to understand, accept, and meet the goals—without reminders from your teacher—is the main purpose of the program!


Awards will be made individually at the conclusion of the school year. Students can earn the Studio Star award up to a maximum of four times, which we will call Year 1 through Year 4.


Each year a student earns the award, they will receive a lovely certificate. When a student reaches Year 4, they will receive a beautiful and unique engraved trophy/plaque.


These additional certificate awards (below) are intended to recognize standouts in a single category who may or may not be able to complete all the categories.


Relax! Your teacher may be able to help you understand the goals and choose pieces and activities which will meet the goals. This program is built to be accessible and many students will be able to meet all goals. Your feedback is always welcome.


Students who check all items in one school year will be recognized with the Studio Star award.

- Attend and perform a solo piece from memory at both the Winter and Summer Recitals.
- Perform a piece credibly from memory in at least five Studio workshop classes.
- Perform solo piece credibly in at least two outside events.
- Attend a professional music performance outside the studio which includes piano.
- Attend lessons reliably. No more than four student-missed lessons.
- Perform a solo piece from memory at recitals, classes, festivals, etc., works representing at least four different styles.*
- Keyboard Skills and/or Theory: Receive a passing score on at least one core skills exam or complete a substantial skills project. Ask your teacher for details.

*Definition of styles: 1. Baroque (J.S. Bach); 2. Classical (W.A. Mozart); 3. Romantic (F. Chopin); 4. Impressionist (C. Debussy); 5. 20th/21st Century Art Music (S. Prokofiev); 6. 20th/21st Century Jazz/Rags/Blues/Pop (S. Joplin, M. Meir, jazz arrangements, transcriptions, Broadway, pop arrangements, etc.); 7. Jazz Standards (learned from a lead sheet); 8. Original composition (must be notated and performed from memory).


These awards recognize standouts in individual categories who may or may not be able to complete the entire checklist of goals.

PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE (NO LIMIT) Student(s) with five+ non-Studio performances on piano. Yes, your school talent show counts.
PERFORMANCE ACHIEVEMENT CERTIFICATE (NO LIMIT) Students with four+ Superior performance ratings and/or competitive awards.
BEST LISTENER CERTIFICATE (TOP TWO FINISHERS) Students attending the most professional music performances. Bring us a program! A minimum of three performances is required.

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