For our current students...

And for everyone who's really interested in the details of what we offer, this page includes links to all of our info sheets.


All current sign-ups (including workshop classes, recitals and rehearsals) are now located in the Calendar within the Student Portal. To find it, log on using the log-on box on this page.

Calendar and Event Schedule

Click here for Studio Calendar, Schedule of Holidays, and Events 

Performance Workshops & Adult Rehearsal Workshops

Click here for Performance Workshops Information

Studio Recitals

Click here for Studio Recitals Information

This includes the most up-to-date information for our Winter (December), Honors (April), and Summer (June) recitals for 2022-23.

Studio Stars

We honor our strivers with a studio award which we call the Studio Star. 

Click here for Studio Stars Award information 

The 40 Piece Challenge

Click here for information on the 40 Piece Challenge, an optional studio incentive program