Most Sign-ups Now In the Student Portal

For many years, we used third-party sign-up services to manage events requiring sign-ups. Since March 2020, we have consolidated most sign-ups in the Student Portal. Current students can log on to the Student Portal from pianowitz.com/for-our-students. Once logged on, you can find sign-ups from the Calendar view.

Performance Workshop Classes & Adult Open Rehearsals

Fall season: late-September 2020 through early December 2020: New this year, workshops will be scheduled by assignment rather than by sign up. You will be able to modify (cancel, change, add) your schedule around/after September 15. You will find the schedule in the Calendar view within Student Portal after that time.

Read more about Performance Workshops & Adult Open Rehearsals from our For Our Students page. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Conference season for us is May of each year. If you're looking to schedule a conference outside of this time, YES we can do that! Just contact Mr. Horowitz or you teacher and we will set up a time to talk. 

Summer Recital Rehearsals

The 2020 Summer Recital has been canceled due to coronavirus, so the link to the rehearsal has been removed. 

Read more about how we usually organize our annual summer recital from our For Our Students page.

Summer Recital Help

The 2020 Summer Recital has been canceled due to the coronavirus, so the link to the help sign-up has been removed. 

Summer Programs

General information and complete program descriptions can be found on our Summer Programs page. 

New this year (2020) we are scheduling summer lessons through the Student Portal (log on from the For Our Students page). Once you log on, click on Calendar. You'll find summer lessons slots to sign up for within the Calendar view. If you would like to schedule summer lessons with a teacher you have not recently worked with: YES, you can do that! Team teaching is welcome and encouraged. Just send Mr. Horowitz an email and we update the system permissions to give you access any teacher's calendar. 

Winter Mini-Recital and Open House

We normally create an online sign-up for this event. Due to the coronavirus situation, this year's recital will be remote and we have not yet determined the format..