Virtual Performance Workshops: Winter/Spring 2021  

Since March 2020, we have adapted our unique Workshop program for our remote lifestyle. All workshops through the end of the current term (June 2021) will be held remotely, using Zoom. 

Signing up 

Students may sign up using the Calendar, which you will find inside the Student Portal. To log on, head over to For Our Students and look for the log-on box. (Calendar will be live from January 16)

Special events 

There are three special events on our Winter/Spring schedule which are scheduled by teacher invitation, not by sign up. These are our Guest Artist Master Classes (February 20 & May 15) and our Honors Recital (April 24). If you are interested in participating in these special events, ask your teacher!

Handy planning calendar 

To make it easier to keep organized, we have created a handy planning calendar showing the entire schedule of workshops including age limits for each class, teacher assignments, and Zoom connection info. Find it under Online Resources in the Student Portal. 

For more information 

The basic purpose and organization of our Workshop program has not changed in many years! The above info only describes how we have adapted our Winter/Spring 2021 season for remote living. If you want all the details, keep reading! 

Performance Workshops at Studio Horowitz  

What do we do?

We gather together to learn from each other and to celebrate each other’s progress. We practice performing for each other; we practice listening to, and learning from, everyone’s performances; we explore broader musical concepts; and we play games and have fun!

What does it cost?

All classes are included within our regular monthly tuition rates.

Meeting the minimum requirement

Join us and perform a piece just twice each year.

But what does the Studio recommend?

To get the greatest benefit from this program, we encourage students to join us once every three to four weeks, for a total of 8 to 10 classes per year. We suggest using classes for goal-setting and for the rehearsal of pieces for upcoming performances.

Recognizing participation

We’ll record students’ participation on our workshops bulletin board. Those who join us five+ times and perform five+ pieces from memory will be recognized with certificates of participation.

Classes are scheduled by sign-up

Classes meet most Saturday afternoons and selected other times. Find the sign-up within the Student Portal (log on from the  For Our Students page in the menu). You are in control of how often and when you attend class.

Junior, younger, middle, older, and themes

When viewing the sign-up, you will see that the classes have broad age groupings. We suggest that advancing students and all students age 14+ choose older groups. Students aged 16-18 have the added flexibility of choosing to sign up for our Sunday evening Adult Open Rehearsals (see below). A few classes may have theme labels. Do not let this confuse you: when in doubt, sign up anyway!

Are full sign-ups getting you down?

If you want to sign-up but you can’t because all or nearly all of the available slots are taken, please do get in touch. We actively manage the sign-up each week to make sure we are reaching the maximum number of interested students. If we know you want to join us, we’ll find a space for you!

Canceling or changing your sign-up

While there is no penalty for canceling your sign-up at any time, please be sensitive. Late cancellations can be disruptive! In addition, because space is limited in our schedule, when you sign up for a class, you are reserving a spot which might otherwise be used by another student.

Do I have to play something in every class?

It is our hope that students will come to each class fully prepared and intending to share a piece with the other students, from memory. We’re not necessarily expecting “recital quality.” These are workshops, not recitals. But what if you don’t have something ready to play for the class? Please, come anyway! You can practice your critical listening skills and participate in the discussion of other students’ performances—not to mention the other activities we do during the class.

The bottom line: These classes are for you!

Students who practice performing in class will be more comfortable and successful in their out-of-class performances. Students who practice listening in class will learn so much repertoire beyond their own, plus the language and process of musical discussion. And there is a tremendous, if indirect, benefit to feeling at home in our community: participation in our workshop classes is correlated with retention and achievement. More broadly, group activities are correlated with students' self-reported enjoyment of music study. Join us! 

Adult Open Rehearsal Workshops

NOTE: Our next Adult Open Rehearsal Workshop will be in October 2021. 

Join together with interested adults as we explore learning, listening, and performance! In a friendly and welcoming environment, we talk about our pieces, perform for a warm and supportive audience, and learn how we can develop our playing through constructive suggestions. We also enjoy each other’s company, support each other’s journeys, and have fun!

Recital-quality performance is not required

These are open rehearsals, not recitals. We expect to hear pieces that are “in progress” in addition to those that are more “complete.” We welcome interested and serious students to share even brief sections of pieces. We want to hear, share, and celebrate the process of your learning and your incremental progress.

Flexible sign-up schedule

Workshops meet select Sundays: 2021-22 dates TBD. We meet and start playing at 7:30 PM. Our adult students have the option of choosing which classes to attend; you do not have to make a commitment for the whole year. Even if you are able to come to just one class, we still welcome you! To sign up, take a look at the online sign-up (log on to the Student Portal then navigate to the Calendar) or just email Mr. Horowitz or your teacher.

Youth participation 

These workshops are for adults. But we also invite youth age 16+ to join us.