Our Policies in a Nutshell

♪ Students commit to an age-appropriate routine of thoughtful at-home preparation.
♪ A quality at-home practice instrument is required.
♪ No long-term commitment. Lessons may be discontinued with 30 days notice.
♪ No guarantee of make-up lessons or credits, except when lessons are missed by the teacher. 

Our Policies in Full

Complete Studio Policies [click here for PDF]

Partner Lessons and Other Less-Common Situations [click here for PDF]


We keep things old-school with a simple paper registration form. Let's talk by telephone or email about your interests, goals, and schedule needs. Or better yet, come in to the Studio for a free and no-obligation interview or trial lesson. When we find the right place for you and you are ready to enroll, we'll send you a registration form.

Tuition Rates  


These rates are newly updated for 2023-24.

30 minute lessons are $218 per month  
45 minute lessons are $298 per month
60 and 75 minute lessons are $377 per month

♪ Plus a $35 (per-family) registration fee, charged once each year

♪ We charge these flat monthly tuition rates from September through June. There are approximately 38 weekly lessons in the 10-month school year

♪ Our tuition includes most music books, special classes, recitals, and more

♪ No fixed monthly charges in July and August. Our optional Summer lessons are charged at a discounted rate. See Summer Programs for more info.

♪ Are 60 and 75 minute lessons really the same rate? Yes, but 75 minute lessons are available only by teacher recommendation. 75 minute lessons are  for serious and advancing students who need the additional time.

Bright Starts Beginner Group Program 

Bright Starts 1 (first year, ages 5 to 8) consists of one 55 minute class each week and is $155 per month

Bright Starts 2 (second year, ages 6 to 9) consists of one 70 minute class each week and three different options for supplementary 30 minute individual lessons:

- Class only with no individual lessons: $237 per month

- Class plus bi-weekly (twice per month) individual lessons: $282 per month

- Class plus weekly individual lessons: $327 per month

Scholarship Information

We have an active need-based scholarship program for youth students. If you have the talent, time, and interest to study music...we want to hear from you! All scholarship inquiries are considered on a case-by-case basis and all inquiries are confidential. 

A Personal Note from Mr. Horowitz

Sometimes, a prospective student or parent will ask me “how much do you charge per hour?” I don’t take any offense, of course, because I understand that parents are just trying to estimate costs and compare rates, apples to apples, among different providers. Just the same, this is an impossible question to answer because we don’t simply sell 30 minute lessons! Rather, we provide a total package of programming that includes most books and materials, recitals, group classes, and the year-round maintenance of our beautiful and comfortable studio. We don't charge or estimate per-hour because your tuition covers so much more than the weekly lesson.