Coronavirus Operating Status

Monday, March 30, 2020 | News

As you can imagine, the coronavirus pandemic has caused big changes in our operations. We closed on Saturday March 14 and we re-opened for remote lessons only on Monday March 16. 

If you are a current student looking for more info: we sent many emails about our transition to remote learning. If you didn't get these, call or email Mr. Horowitz. 

REMOTE LESSONS Our first weeks of remote lessons have gone very well!  If you are interested in remote learning at our Studio, please contact us. We do have room for a few new students in remote lesson slots.  If you're interested to continue your music education during the current shutdown but you don't already have a teacher you are able to work with remotely, we'd be happy to help. 

IN-PERSON OPENINGS Scroll down for more info on expected in-person openings for both individual lessons and our unique group beginner class (which we call Bright Starts). This information will be checked and updated each week. If you need more information or have questions, call us! We'd love to talk more.

Some of our Current Openings

Sunday, March 29, 2020 | News

As you can imagine, the current situation with the coronavirus has scrambled our usual list of openings. In the short term, we do have space for new students in remote lessons. We are able to serve students age 6+ of all levels, from beginners with just a few months experience up to advanced students. We are able to serve both youth and adults in remote lessons. Scheduling is flexible with morning, afternoon, evening, and possibly Saturday slots available. If you have the interest to continue your music education but you don't have a teacher that you are currently able to work with remotely, we'd love to talk! 

Thinking longer term...when we are able to re-open for in-person lessons we will first accommodate our our students who are taking remote lessons. Next, we will fit in our former students who were not able to take remote lessons during the closure. We will also have room for new students! But it's way too soon for us to plan for specific openings. We always welcome your inquiries, regardless of what today's openings may be. It's too soon for us to promise openings for September, but it's not too so to start talking! Find our contact information through the menu bar. We'd love to hear from you. 

Bright Starts Beginner Classes Openings

Friday, March 27, 2020 | News

During the closure related to the coronavirus situation, we continue to reach our students in remote lessons. Our next opportunity to accept NEW students into our unique group-based beginner program, which we call Bright Starts, will be in September 2020. We take registrations for next school year starting June 2 2020. A summary of expected openings is below. Read more about the program via Our Programs in the menu. Have questions? Call us! We're happy to talk about your individual needs and about all our programs. 

♪ Level 1 ♩ Saturdays 9:30 to 10:25 ♩ Ages 5 to 8 ♩ Instructor: Horowitz ♩ Starts from September 15 2020

♪ Level 1 ♩ Wednesdays 5:00 to 5:55 ♩ Ages 6 to 8 ♩ Instructor: Horowitz ♩ Starts from September 15 2020

♪ Level 2 ♩ Mondays around 5:00PM or 7:00PM (time TBD)♩ Ages 6 to 9 ♩ Instructor: Horowitz ♩ Starts/resumes from August 29 2020

♪ Level 2 ♩ Saturdays 10:30 to 11:40 ♩ Ages 6 to 9 ♩ Instructor: Horowitz ♩ Starts/resumes from August 29 2020

♪ Level 3 ♩ Saturdays 11:45 to 12:55 ♩ Ages 7 to 10 ♩ Instructor: Horowitz ♩ Starts/resumes from August 29 2020

Level 2 and 3 classes include access to optional supplementary individual lessons (weekly or bi-weekly) at a reduced cost.

Student Honors: 2020 RCM Celebration of Excellence (Honors Recital)

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Student Awards & Honors

Congratulations to Helena Horowitz who performed at the Southeast Region RCM Celebration of Excellence on February 23, 2020 at USF in Tampa, Florida. Helena played in a recital alongside students from throughout Florida and the southeastern United States. Students were selected for participation based on their high scores on the previous school year's RCM Exams. Learn more about RCM Exams at rcmusic.com/learning/examinations

Student Honors: NVMTA Bach/Baroque Festival 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Student Awards & Honors

Congratulations to Elena Valdez-Torres and Karthik Thyagarajan, who earned the top rating of "Superior" in Bach/Baroque Festival, an annual event sponsored by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association. In this event students perform two Baroque-era pieces from memory and receive a rating and comments. In addition, outstanding students have the opportunity to be selected for Honors. Plus, a harpsichord is available for all students to play! In addition to his Superior rating, Karthik was also selected for second audition, similar to an honorable mention award.

Student Honors: Master Class February 2020

Wednesday, March 4, 2020 | Student Awards & Honors

On February 29, 2020, the studio hosted Rosanne Conway as our guest artist clinician. She brought fresh perspective and expert coaching to five very well prepared students! From among our many students, we selected students for this event based primarily on their preparation of challenging repertoire. Thanks and congratulations to our participating students:

♪ Caeli McIntosh ♪ Sonatina in C Major ♪ Biehl

♪ Philip Wang ♪ Sonata in G Major, Op. 49 No. 2 ♪ Beethoven

♪ Alex Xu ♪ Clair de Lune ♪ Debussy

♪ Noah Tennenbaum ♪ Diabolical Suggestion ♪ Prokofiev

♪ Owen Rollins ♪ Elegie ♪ Rachmaninoff 

Summer MUSIC Camps for Ages 12 and Under: Yes You Can!

Monday, January 27, 2020 | Practicing and General Education

About this post...

In the short article which follows, I describe what led me to seek sleep-away music camps for students age 12 and under. Following that, I have listed and linked five recommended summer camps. This list was developed from my own research and from personal recommendations. This article is not ad-supported and there is no sponsored content. 

Each year in January...

I recommended sleep-away summer camps and festivals to some of our advancing teens. Only very rarely has anyone taken my advice and actually attended a program. It’s OK, I don’t take it personally! Plus there are good reasons why students and parents haven’t often chosen to pursue this opportunity: the tuition expense; the need to travel away from home; schedule conflicts; competing interests. And I never push very hard—I mention and recommend the possibility, but I rarely follow up with persistence.

But I suspect that there is an additional factor keeping more students from participating: the influence of what I would call anti-specialization pressure: “I’m not one of those kids.” “I wouldn’t go to a music camp unless I was really serious.” “What’s the point if I am not going to major in music?” It's OK, I don't take it personally. And I don't expect any student to major in music!

This winter, I started looking for music camps that serve students age 12 and under and I had a thought: If our older and advancing students have pre-formed ideas and competing interests and obligations which keep them from considering summer music programs, maybe there are some younger students out there who might be interested!?

I undertook a search for quality programs suitable to our many somewhat-serious-but-not-necessarily-elite younger students (age 12 and under). I looked for camps that were non-competitive or minimally competitive in both entrance process and camp environment…but that were also “real” music camps—which to me means that the program offers and requires individual music lessons from qualified adult teachers and supervised practice on quality instruments. After a pretty thorough search, I was a little surprised to find only a handful of such programs that are open to younger students. (I only looked for camps in the eastern U.S.)

These sleep-away camps aren’t just for future professional musicians and they’re not just for advancing students. They are suitable for any kid who loves music and is interested in an immersive experience. They also offer all of the traditional summer camp essentials like outdoor recreation and evening programs. 

Recommended music camps accessible to students age 12 and under

SONATA/SONATINA (sonatina.com) Bennington, Vermont.

Unusual piano-focused in-town program. Four one-week sessions which may be combined.

ENCORE/CODA (encore-coda.com) Sweden, Maine

Traditional summer music camp in a lake-side setting. Most instruments and voice including musical theater. Two three-week sessions which may be combined plus a shorter two-week option for ages 8/9/10.

INTERLOCHEN CENTER FOR THE ARTS (interlochen.org) Interlochen, Michigan

Traditional summer music camp in a lake-side setting. Two-week sessions plus other programs for advanced/elite students and many other disciplines.

POINT COUNTERPOINT (pointcp.com) Leicester, Vermont

Chamber-music focused program for strings and piano. A more focused and slightly more intense program than the others on this list. Traditional music camp experience in a rural setting with lake access. One one-week session in August for ages 12 and under plus multiple sessions for advancing older students in June and July.

WALDEN SCHOOL (waldenschool.org) Dublin, New Hampshire

One five-week session plus a shorter three-week option for ages 13 and under. Creativity and composition-focused program.

To parents and camp directors

I’d love the opportunity to expand this list. If you know of good programs in the United States, let me know about them! I’ll look into any recommended programs and consider adding them to the list.

Summer in our little studio

We sometimes dream of running our own piano day camp at the Studio…but not this year! But we’ll be open and here for you all summer, every summer, with easy flexible scheduling and no minimum requirements or monthly tuition. We post general details to the Summer Programs page of our website each year in early spring with full details and all schedules posted by May 1.

Student Honors: RCM Exams December 2019

Monday, January 13, 2020 | Student Awards & Honors

Congratulations to the students who participated in RCM exams in December 2019. Unlike a traditional festival, recital, or competition, in this non-competitive event, students prepare a comprehensive program, which includes three or more repertoire pieces, etudes, scales and skills, sight reading, and more. The program is administered by the Toronto-based nonprofit music school Royal Conservatory of Music. Exams are offered locally throughout the U.S. and Canada, with over 100,000 exams administered annually. Read more about the program at rcmusic.com.

♪ Level 5 Piano ♪ Zakariyya Scavotto ♪ First Class Honors

♪ Level 5 Piano ♪ Karthik Thyagarajan ♪ First Class Honors

♪ Level 6 Piano ♪ Alex Xu ♪ First Class Honors with Distinction

Studio Holiday: Winter Break 2019-20

Thursday, December 19, 2019 | News

The Studio will be closed for Winter Break from Saturday December 21 through and including Friday January 3. OPEN Friday December 20. OPEN Saturday and Sunday January 4 & 5. Compliments of the season to you and your family and enjoy the break!