Studio Stars Awards Program

Updated for 2023-24

Below, we describe four different award categories. Students may earn the award in any one category or in multiple categories. 

How Do We Enter? Who Can Participate?

There is no formal entry form or process. We’ll seek to automatically recognize all eligible students. If you think we might forget you, just check in with your teacher or with Mr. Horowitz. Keep in mind that the program is intended to reward long-time advancing youth. Most students under age eight, Bright Starts classes, and/or with less than two years' experience will find it difficult to receive this award. The program is something to look forward to in future years as you advance! Your teacher can help you decide whether the goals are reasonable for you.


We don't give out awards at our recitals. Instead, awards will be made individually at the conclusion of the school year. Students can earn each award up to a maximum of four years.

What's the Prize?

Each year a student earns an award, they will receive a lovely certificate. When a student earns the same award in four different years, they will receive a unique engraved trophy/plaque.

Seem Complicated? 

Your teacher may be able to help you understand the program and choose activities which will meet the goals. This program is built to be accessible and many students will be able to receive awards. Your feedback is always welcome.

Award Descriptions

1. Workshop Participation 

Students who perform five+ different pieces from memory in five+ total classes will receive this award. Pieces must be appropriate to the student’s level and not performed in a prior school year. Pieces must be at Level 2 or higher.

2. Performance Experience and Achievement

Students who perform fully completed pieces five+ times in community events will receive this award. Students also can earn this award by receiving top ratings (Superior or Honors) in four+ events during the school year. Community events can take many forms which include music teacher events such as festivals, exams, and competitions; school talent shows and musicales; playing in church; accompanying. 

3. 40 Piece Challenge

Students who complete the 40 Piece Challenge will earn this award. To receive the award in subsequent years, the average level of the 40 Pieces must increase. 

4. Best Listener

Students who attend three+ professional music performances which include piano as a featured instrument will receive this award. Amateur and student-focused performances are excluded.