Individual Summer Lessons 2023

This information has not been updated for 2024. Look for 2024 details in this space by early May 2024. Below, we've left up the 2023 information to give you a general idea of what is typical for us each summer.

During the Summer Session (June 19 2023 through August 24 2023), we offered a flexible schedule of individual lessons. Both our existing students and new students had the opportunity to sign-up for whatever times and teachers best fit their schedule and goals. All our teachers worked as a team. We offered lesson slots every week of the summer and continuity of instruction to all students.

We've offered this unusual and collaborative summer program every summer since 2010. 

All lessons on our Summer Session 2023 calendar were available for in-person instruction. A few lessons were taught remotely, when there was the need. 

For current students and anyone interested in all the details, scroll down for complete info.

Online Sign-up

During the Summer Session, we maintain an online calendar which students will use to schedule lessons.  Click here for a handy planning calendar. This sheet will help you get a sense of what a typical summer looks like for us.

Summer Enrichment Classes 2023

For nearly 20 years, we've offered some kind of enrichment classes or camps most summers.

In 2023 we offered a session of favorite topics on Thursday evenings from June 22 to July 13. Students had the option of joining for all four classes; we also offered a-la-carte sign-up. All classes were held in-person in the Falls Church studio.

JUNIOR COMPOSERS ♩ THURSDAYS @ 5PM ♩ A fun and accessible introduction to music composition for ages 7 to 12.

PLAYING WITHOUT A SCORE ♩ THURSDAYS @ 6:30 PM ♩ Learn to play favorite and familiar songs by ear! For ages 8 to 15.

FOR FULL DETAILS Click here for the full Enrichment Class info sheet.

Online sign-up

We used an online sign up for these classes.

2023 Summer Lessons: Additional Info and FAQ 

Our Concept

Students who pursue their studies year-round experience faster growth and greater achievement. But we know that everyone’s schedules get scrambled in the summer. We want you to be able to choose a schedule of summer lessons that makes sense for your family and fits your interest and goals. Scheduling summer lessons separately from the school-year allows us to best reach all our students!

How Can I Sign Up? 

NEW STUDENTS First, contact us to register! Then we will invite you to sign up for lesson slots.

RETURNING/CONTINUING STUDENTS Every student who turns in a registration form by June 1 will receive a personal invitation to schedule summer lessons no later than June 19. Click here for a handy planning calendar showing which teachers are available, and on which days. All students will have access to the sign-up schedule starting not later than June 19, 2023. We'll handle sign-ups through the Student Portal (log on from "For Our Students" in the menu). You can choose the length of your lesson by selecting consecutive schedule blocks. (Example: one 30 min block plus one 15 min block will create a 45 minute lesson.) 

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE If you have trouble with the online sign-up, send your teacher or Mr. Horowitz an email with your schedule rquest. Or give us a call. Do not allow website problems or scheduling complications to prevent you from attending! If you have trouble, we will do it for you, no problem!

What Does It Cost?

Tuition for summer individual lessons is $21 per 15-minute schedule block. Payment isn’t due until the 10th of the following month. Full details on payments are on the 2023-24 POLICIES page (find it via "Rates and Policies" in the menu).

What If My Plans Change?

During the summer session only, you may make changes/cancellations until 48 hours before the lesson. Cancellation will remove the charge from your account. If you've already paid, the credit will carry forward automatically.

In-Person or Remote?

The default location for summer lessons will be "in-person." If you prefer a remote lesson, first sign up. Then, inform your teacher that you'd like to attend remotely. (Please, 48+ hours notice.)  

Team Teaching

Our teachers collaborate to ensure that every student has continuity of instruction. If your regular teacher isn't available every week, we'll proactively give you access to at least one other teacher sign-up. If you would like access to additional teachers, just ask your teacher or Mr. Horowitz. You can refer to the handy planning calendar to see which teachers are teaching which days. All teachers are available to all students. Please, do not skip the entire summer only because your regular teacher is not available when you are. 

Are Summer Lessons Required?

No…however…it's impossible to imagine any serious student taking off the entire summer every year. 

Can I Sign Up for Shorter Lessons?

Yes…however…shorter lessons make it hard to cover the student’s material. If you're looking to reduce your work-load or try something different, talk to your teacher or to Mr. Horowitz.

Can I just Practice Independently During the Summer?

Yes…however…experience shows that most students won’t. Of those who do, many will struggle to practice effectively. 

How Does the June Schedule and Tuition Work?

Our regular schedule runs through and including June 18th. During the ten-month School Year, tuition is based on ten equal monthly payments. There are between 37 and 39 scheduled weekly individual lessons throughout the course of the school year, depending on the day of the week.

New Students

Yes! You can start with us in the summer and continue with us in the fall! 

Which teachers are available?

This summer, Mr. Horowitz, Ms. Mitsopoulou, Mr. La, Ms. Chen, and Ms. Askoff all have availability on the summer session. Ms. Azikiwe and Ms. Roberts are returning to us for the 2023-24 School Year but are not teaching during the summer session.

Still Have Questions? 

Call us to discuss! Let's figure out what makes the most sense for your individual situation.