Student Honors: May/June 2020 RCM Exams

Friday, June 19, 2020 | Student Awards and Honors

The coronavirus situation closed down many of the events in which our students often participate, but some events did arrange for alternate programming online. In particular, we're proud of our students' accomplishments in completing demanding RCM Exams, even in this unusual time. Unlike many events, the RCM Exam attempts to make a rigorous yet noncompetitive comprehensive assessment of a student's accomplishment at a given level. This involves much more than preparing one recital piece! Students present a program of multiple pieces in varied styles and also are tested on music fundamentals such as scales, arpeggios, and aural skills. A related but separate program of theory exams assesses student achievement in that field. Read more at rcmusic.com. The designation "First Class Honors with Distinction" indicates a top score above 90%. Congratulations to our participating students!

♪ Level 1 Piano ♪ Helena Horowitz ♪ First Class Honors with Distinction

♪  Level 2 Piano ♪ Hannah Wang ♪ First Class Honors with Distinction

♪  Level 6 Piano ♪  Vihaan Mathur ♪  First Class Honors

♪  Level 5 Piano ♪ Tina Hong ♪ First Class Honors 

♪  Level 5 Theory ♪ Karthik Thyagarajan ♪ First Class Honors with Distinction

♪  Level 6  Theory ♪ Vihaan Mathur ♪ First Class Honors with Distinction

♪  Level 6 Theory ♪ Alex Xu ♪  First Class Honors with Distinction

Student Honors: NFMC Festival 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 | Student Awards and Honors

On March 12 & 13, many of our students were scheduled to perform at NFMC Spring Festival, a nationwide event sponsored and run at the local level by the Springfield Music Club. The coronavirus situation forced the club to cancel the in-person festival, but many students chose to participate in the alternate online programming which the club offered in late May and June 2020. The following students earned the top grade of "Superior" in this non-competitive event: 

Tina Hong, Liam Horgan, Helena Horowitz, Vihaan Mathur, Courtney Nguyen, Lindsay Nguyen, Gizem Onerci, Priya Perekam (solo and concerto!), Owen Rollins, Pelin Sarac, Ian Sigler, Kavya Thyagarajan, Hanna Wang, Philip Wang, Angelina Yoha