Current Openings

Monday, June 28, 2021 | News

SUMMER OPENINGS Our flexible summer schedule makes it easy for current and new students to sign-up for lessons on whatever schedule makes most sense for your individual situation. 

FALL OPENINGS Our regular school-year program resumes from Saturday August 28 and "prime" openings are filling fast! We have space remaining Tuesdays and Sundays with Hexin Qiao and Wednesdays and Saturdays with Olga Roberts. Aphrodite Mitsopoulou has the availability to take one or two serious students into remote/hybrid lessons as well. We have additional limited openings (teachers vary) in less-sought-after times including weekdays at/before 3:00, weekdays at/near 8:00 PM, and Thursday mornings.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BEGIN LESSONS Yes, we are taking new students! For your convenience, we post a summary of current openings to this space. But the best way to find out about openings is to just get in touch! Regardless of what today's openings are...we always want to hear from interested students/parents in the community. Sometimes, we have flexibility which goes beyond what we can post here. Contact us! We'd love to hear from you. 

REMOTE/IN-PERSON In nearly all cases, we are able to teach in-person in our beautiful studio. Some students may choose remote lessons; a few may choose a mix of remote and in-person instruction. 

AGES/LEVELS All our openings are available for all ages and levels.

Summer Recital 2021

Monday, June 21, 2021 | News

Due to the coronavirus situation, we weren't comfortable hosting our usual Summer Recital indoors...but we also were tired of videos and Zoom! On Saturday, June 12, we this annual event outdoors in the park behind the Studio building! Over the course of the day, we were joined by 86 student performers! Participating students represented all ages and levels, including adults. While we hope to go back to a traditional indoor recital someday, we were overflowing with joy to see so many students sharing their music live and in-person. 

Student Honors: RCM Exams Spring 2021

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 | Student Awards and Honors

Many of our students challenged themselves by participating in the spring session of the RCM Certificate program. In this program, students don't just play one or two pieces, but a comprehensive program of repertoire and practical skills. Learn more at rcmusic.com.

Congratulations to: Sarah Hellman (Level 1 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Noa Herzog (Level 1 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Liam Horgan (Level 1 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Helena Horowitz (Level 3 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Vihaan Mathur (Level 7 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Keshavan Nair (Level 1 Piano) First Class Honors with Distinction ♪ Kaitlin Nguyen (Level 2 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Lindsay Nguyen (Level 4 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Courtney Nguyen (Level 4 Piano) First Class Honors ♪ Nia Rubin (Level 2 Piano) First Class Honors

Coronavirus Operating Status

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 | News

REMOTE LESSONS The default location will be "remote" through the end of the summer session on August 27, 2021. 

IN-PERSON LESSONS We are able to teach lessons in-person for any student who requests this option. If you want to come in-person, yes you can! 

MASKS We thank you for continuing to wear a mask while inside the Studio.

THE STUDIO IS OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY If you are a current student and you want to attend your lesson in-person, just ask your teacher. 48+ hours notice, please. If you are a new or prospective student, just contact us to make an appointment! We can meet you in-person at the Studio for your FREE interview and/or for your lessons.

GUESTS/WAITING ROOM We have a large and comfortable waiting room and practice nook and as of June 21, it's open again for your comfort! You may also choose to bring a reasonable number of guests (i.e. a friend or your siblings) with you. Note that the waiting room is open for you only at your appointment time. 

WORKSHOP CLASSES We will hold three workshop classes (supplementary small-group classes) in a remote format during the Summer Session. See Summer in the menu bar for more details. We hope to resume in-person workshop classes in September. Details TBA. 

BRIGHT STARTS CLASSES We plan to resume in-person Bright Starts group beginner classes in September/October 2021 with one Level 1 class on Saturdays at 9:30. This class is already full, but a waitlist is available. 

Student Honors: NVMTA Sonata Festival 2021

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 | Student Awards and Honors

Congratulations to Aruni Veluri and James Yao for earning the designation of Honors at Sonata Festival. This annual semi-competitive event is sponsored by Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association. In 2021, students submitted video recordings of two contrasting sonata movements.