Coronavirus Operating Status

Monday, March 7, 2022 | News

IN-PERSON LESSONS While the Studio remains open by appointment only, we are available to teach in-person lessons for all students. If you want to come in-person, yes you can! If you are currently attending remotely but prefer to come in-person, just ask your teacher. 48+ hours notice, please. If you are a new or prospective student, just contact us to make an appointment. We can meet you in-person at the Studio for your FREE interview and/or for your lessons. 

REMOTE LESSONS While the Studio is open for in-person lessons and most students are choosing to attend in-person, we are able to switch your lesson to remote-status whenever it is necessary (48 hours notice, please). We also are continuing to teach remotely for those students who prefer or require that option.

MASKS We have transitioned to a more-flexible mask policy. As of this update [3/7/21] masks continue to be required in the waiting room and in group events, but masks are now optional in the individual lesson. Individual teachers retain the right to request that any student wear a mask in the individual lesson. And of course, your teacher will wear a mask in the individual lesson if this is your preference.  

GUESTS/WAITING ROOM We have a large and comfortable waiting room and practice nook and it's open and available for your comfort! You may also choose to bring a reasonable number of guests (i.e. a friend or your siblings) with you. Note that the waiting room is open for you only around your appointment time. 

WORKSHOP CLASSES Workshop classes are meeting in-person. We also continue to offer a limited number of remote workshops. 

BRIGHT STARTS CLASSES We only programmed one class this year [2021-22], both to limit capacity and because we were unsure of demand. The class does not run during the summer session. We look forward to welcoming more new students into the program in September 2022 with classes on both Saturday mornings and after-school Wednesdays.